Inside Rumah Atsiri Indonesia

With the main purpose of rejuvenating and familiarizing visitors with atsiri (Indonesian word for essential oils), Rumah Atsiri Indonesia's 5-hectare complex overflows with essential oil plants and greeneries.

Our classes, museum, and learning hubs offer a wide range of programs where visitors can learn everything about essential oils; while our shops showcase various high-quality essential oils products. Our dining spot, where you can enjoy a selection of aromatic food and beverages, is located right next to the plethora of blooming marigolds.

As a thematic destination that focuses on essential oils, Rumah Atsiri Indonesia features a rich edu-recreation experience, tinted with the breathtaking view of Mount Lawu and the hospitality of the community of Plumbon Village, Tawangmangu.

Rumah Atsiri Collection Garden (Taman Koleksi)

With more than 80 essential oil plants from Indonesia and abroad, each with its own story, fragrance, and characteristics, this garden has the most diverse collection of essential oil plants. Visitors can smell or taste some plants by informing our guides so they can assist the visitors to decide which bark, leaves, or petals to pluck.

Rumah Atsiri Greenhouse

Located inside Rumah Atsiri Collection Garden, the greenhouse is designed as an indoor garden in the morning and will be transformed into a private dining venue in the evening.

Marigold Plaza

Functioning as a meeting point in Rumah Atsiri Indonesia's complex, the plaza is full of marigolds that bloom once a month for two weeks. The marigolds are planted inside an opening that follows the shape of the patterns on the original Citronella factory's perforated walls.

Rumah Atsiri Production Farm

Rumah Atsiri Production Farm is our most spacious 2.5-hectare garden that supplies some plants for our research and development purposes as well as our in-house production needs.

Rumah Atsiri Nursery

Located inside Rumah Atsiri Collection Garden, it hosts our research and development initiatives for our garden plants, souvenir plants, and decorative plants.

Rumah Atsiri Museum

The history of essential oils stretches back to as early as 2,000 BC, and in Rumah Atsiri Museum, you can follow the journey of how essential oils were first discovered and how they spread all over the world (especially in Indonesia). The museum also preserved some original equipment and tools used to produce essential oils.

From 50-year old essential oil bottles and documents to vintage distillation machine, find out the history behind Indonesia's dream to be one of the biggest players in the world's essential oil industry.

Rumah Atsiri Lab

Rumah Atsiri Lab is a well-equipped science lab that hosts any essential-oil-related activities, courses, and programs that are suitable for kindergarten to high school students. There are two kinds of programs: one is altered to our school-partner curriculum, and the other one is our seasonal courses for walk-in guests. The Lab provides everyone an opportunity to experiment with essential oils and feel the 'chemistry'.

Rumah Atsiri Aromatherapy House

Hosting our extended programs for those who are interested in the essential oil business. The house provides basic knowledge from how to harvest essential oil plants to conducting market research for essential oil products.

Rumah Atsiri Distillation Area

Showcasing our in-house distillation process (the most common process in obtaining essential oils) that takes place in Rumah Atsiri Indonesia every day.

Rumah Atsiri Research & Development

Repurposing the old laboratory of the original Citronella factory as our research and development lab, where we conduct various essential oil researches like stability test, fragrance testing, and many more.

Rumah Atsiri Restaurant

With the breathtaking view of the blooming marigolds of Marigold Plaza, Rumah Atsiri Restaurant serves both Indonesian and international dishes, tinted with freshly picked herbs and spices from our garden.

Rumah Atsiri Aroma Shop

Provide a wide selection of essential oils and its derivatives (perfume, soap, shampoo, and other personal care products); carrying Rumah Atsiri Indonesia’s signature aroma.

Rumah Atsiri x Genetika Merchandise Shop

Located just opposite the lobby, our merchandise shop provides some essential oil souvenirs to remember your visit to Rumah Atsiri--or to gift family and friends.

Rumah Atsiri Nursery Shop

A shop where we sell some plants from our garden for those who love gardening and green interior design. We provide plant seeds and buds, as well as decorative plants.

Palmarosa Theatre

An amphitheater-style is an outdoor-space that can fit up to 250 people, specifically designed for events and performing arts.

Rumah Atsiri Meeting Rooms

Rumah Atsiri Indonesia currently hosts a total of 8 meeting rooms suitable for both private events and corporate meetings. Each room can hold up to 25-100 people (standing, theater style, classroom style).